Public Service / Emergency Response

Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio


Amateur Radio: Your opportunity to participate in severe weather reporting.


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ARES Field Resources Manual


This manual is intended to serve as a quick trainer and field resource guide for the emergency communicator. It is a reference for amateurs deployed in the field for emergency services work, primarily through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES). It provides basic program information, forms, operating aids and templates to be customized for the local area to include reference information such as important phone numbers, emergency frequencies, maps, organizational details and more.

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Emergency Power for Radio Communications


When all else will you communicate?


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Amateur Radio Public Service Handbook


Prepare for the Unexpected!


Amateur Radio has consistently been the most reliable means of communications when other systems have failed. Hams work closely with disaster relief agency officials from FEMA, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other response organizations to offer wireless communications aid. From wildfires and earthquakes to marathons and road races, when getting the message through is critical, ham radio works.

Price: $34.00
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