The Amateur Radio Operating Manual


RSGB's The Amateur Radio Operating Manual is a practical guide to the Amateur Radio hobby, featuring new information on the different aspects of ham radio operating. You’ll learn basic operating practices, how to set up your station for maximum efficiency, DX Operating, Radio Sport, D-Star, and Satellites. Also included is the widely popular RSGB IOTA program, DXpedition operating, and DXpedition log checking.


Price: $29.00

ARRL's Low Power Communication 4th Edition


Just a Little RF Power Goes a Long Way!


ARRL’s Low Power Communication is your guidebook to the fascinating world of low power QRP operating. With only 5 W or less–sometimes much less–you can enjoy conversations over hundreds and even thousands of miles.

Price: $24.00

Amateur Radio Logbook


This spiral log book is a useful tool for every ham shack. Includes 52 log pages with room for 25 contacts per page (1,300 total log entries). Size 8.50" x 11".

Price: $7.00

GPS and Amateur Radio


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based, radio navigation system. GPS devices have become commonplace in consumer electronics. GPS units and GPS technology is used in our cars, on our boats, in ccell phones, in our personal computers and PDAs. GPS has improved the way we navigate, communicate, and move about the planet.


Price: $18.00

ARRL's Hamspeak: A Dictionary for Radio Amateurs


Over 1,300 Entries!


ARRL’s Hamspeak is a collection of terms and acronyms commonly used in the ham radio community. As seen in QST magazine, it was created to make articles easier for newcomers to understand. Whether you're new to the hobby or you just want to brush up on your ham radio jargon, Hamspeak is a complete guide to the unique language of Amateur Radio. Inside you'll find many of the definitions include images, references to other material and more.

Price: $15.00

ARRL Operating Manual 10th Edition


There’s nothing quite like the excitement of getting on the air. But, navigating the dozens of ways ham radio operators communicate with each other (and all of the technology, procedures, and jargon) can make you dizzy.


Price: $29.00

Heil Ham Radio Handbook (Bob Heil)


Heil Ham Radio Handbook shares many of the experiences and experiments that legendary author Bob Heil, K9EID, has had since being first licensed in 1956. Written in a playful style, the technical material is made easy and fun to understand. Photos and drawings help guide you along the way.


Price: $14.95

Getting Started with Ham Radio


Get on the air now! A guide to your first Amateur Radio station.


  • Select radios and antennas.
  • Explore operating modes: voice, Morse code, digital and more.
  • Assemble your station.

Have your license? Get radio-active! Now you can get on the air with confidence. Here, in one place, is help getting started in just about any ham radio activity.


Price: $19.00

ARRL Amateur Radio Map of North America


This large, colorful wall map features current geographic detail and labels, grid squares, call sign prefixes, boundaries and more. Great for all operators! Essential for contesters, WAS, VHF/UHF Century Club, and other award seekers. Also makes a great hurricane tracking map. Use it to track storms from your home.


Laminated (27 x 39 inches) and shipped in a protective tube.

Price: $15.00

ARRL Amateur Radio Map of the World (Azimuthal)


This ARRL map of the world makes it easy to point your antenna! Colorful detailing includes TU zones and regions, CQ zones, DXCC entity prefixes, US and Canadian call sign areas, worldwide time zones and antenna beam headings. Full-color laminated map centered on central USA. (27 x 39 inches).

Price: $15.00


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