TiCK1 Chip


Keyer Chip only for the TiCK1.

Price: $5.00

Hands on Radio Parts Kit


Set of parts to do the experiments in Hands on Radio Vol I & II

Price: $75.00

W7ZOI Power Meter


W7ZOI AD8307 Power Meter - $55

The Analog version of the W7ZOI AD8307 Power Meter is being re-introduced.  The kit does not include a PC board - it is built Ugly Style on a piece of scrap copperclad board (supplied).

Price: $60.00

2M CW Signal Source


2 meter CW Sources  
2 meter Source - $30
Optional VXO variable cap - $11
Optional beacon sub-band crystals 20.615 (2m), 16.693 (6m) - $10

Price: $30.00

2 Meter Converter


A 2 mater converter designed to go with the microR2 or any other 7 MHx reciever.

Price: $43.00

6 Meter converter


A 6 meter converter designed to go with the microR2 or any 7 MHz receiver

Price: $38.00

Basic Electronic Kit


Kit consists of a breadboard, wires for use with the breadboard, a DVM, and several small parts (resistors, diodes, a transistor, a capacitor, and an LED).

Price: $38.00

Universal QRP Transmitter


This is a ""Bag of Parts" kit that was designed by W7ZOI. It is a crystal controled transmitter that put out an adjustable zero to 5 (or more) watts. The kit is supplied with some small pieces of PC board so it is assembled "ugly style". No printed circuit is supplied. Documentation is at

Price: $25.00

TiCK 1


The TiCK1 (Tiny CMOS Keyer) features Iambic modes A and B, adjustable speed control, tune function, paddle select, sidetone on/off, and straight key made. It utilizes RISC-based microcontroller technology.

Price: $15.00



The microT2 is currently out of stock. The plan is to re-design the uT2 using surface mount technology. First will be the uR2.

The microT2 is a replacement for the T2 transmitter module, and will also be a companion SSB exciter for the microR2 receiver.  An article on the microT2 was published in the December 2006 issue of QST.

Price: $95.00


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