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GPS and Amateur Radio


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based, radio navigation system. GPS devices have become commonplace in consumer electronics. GPS units and GPS technology is used in our cars, on our boats, in ccell phones, in our personal computers and PDAs. GPS has improved the way we navigate, communicate, and move about the planet.


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Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio


Amateur Radio: Your opportunity to participate in severe weather reporting.


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ARRL's Hamspeak: A Dictionary for Radio Amateurs


Over 1,300 Entries!


ARRL’s Hamspeak is a collection of terms and acronyms commonly used in the ham radio community. As seen in QST magazine, it was created to make articles easier for newcomers to understand. Whether you're new to the hobby or you just want to brush up on your ham radio jargon, Hamspeak is a complete guide to the unique language of Amateur Radio. Inside you'll find many of the definitions include images, references to other material and more.

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ARRL Operating Manual 10th Edition


There’s nothing quite like the excitement of getting on the air. But, navigating the dozens of ways ham radio operators communicate with each other (and all of the technology, procedures, and jargon) can make you dizzy.


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Zone of Iniquity


A Ray Tracy Adventure by Ward Silver, N0AX


With this tale of electromagnetic intrigue and interference is introduced ace detective and sleuth-for-hire, Ray Tracy. While puzzling out the solutions of an international conundrum, Ray applies his ham radio predilections to surprises on two continents. What begins on a rainy Seattle side street with a worried wife concludes far from home, involving the ultimate ham radio quest for DX distance, emotions of the heart, and close encounters of the heard kind!

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Shortwave DX Handbook


Your Gateway to worldwide DXing

by Enrico Stumpf-Siering, DL2VFR

Designed to bring various aspects of DX closer to experienced radio amateurs and newcomers, this handy reference will find its place on that mini-expedition and in the shack. Generations of DXers have contributed to it with their experience and expertise. Now, all the relevant knowledge and data a DXer needs is available in one book. It covers:


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Marine Amateur Radio


Fast, Clear, Affordable Communications Ship-to-Ship or Ship-to-Shore!


When you're miles offshore, and the nearest vessel is over the horizon, you need a fast, reliable, easy-to-operate communication system. Marine Amateur Radio provides all the information you need to select, install, and operate an inexpensive and completely dependable ham radio system on any boat, power or sail.

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Heil Ham Radio Handbook (Bob Heil)


Heil Ham Radio Handbook shares many of the experiences and experiments that legendary author Bob Heil, K9EID, has had since being first licensed in 1956. Written in a playful style, the technical material is made easy and fun to understand. Photos and drawings help guide you along the way.


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A Year of DX


Bob Locher, W9KNI, author of the best selling DX Book, The Complete DX'er, set out on a mission to compete in the Big Leagues of DX. A Year of DX is Bob's personal account of the challenges, joys and sorrows he experienced in pursuit of winning the CQ DX Marathon. Look over Bob's shoulder as he works country after country, yes, and missing a few along the way, but always trying to optimize his chances and the hope of logging the next one.


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Getting Started with Ham Radio


Get on the air now! A guide to your first Amateur Radio station.


  • Select radios and antennas.
  • Explore operating modes: voice, Morse code, digital and more.
  • Assemble your station.

Have your license? Get radio-active! Now you can get on the air with confidence. Here, in one place, is help getting started in just about any ham radio activity.


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