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HF Antennas for All Locations


Here's a thought-provoking book that details the design and construction of hundreds of amateur antennas, including some unusual designs. Don't let a lack of real estate keep you off the air. Whether you're in a downtown apartment or on top of a mountain, you'll find at least one antenna that'll work for you!

Price: $34.00

Building Successful HF Antennas


Written by a well-known antenna expert, you'll learn what makes an effective HF antenna, how to build one, and how to measure its performance. This book uses real places, so you'll be able to obtain optimum performance at any location!


  • Includes:
  • Single and multi-band antennas
  • Simple wire antennas
  • Loops alongside beams such as Quads and Yagis
  • Feeding, matching, and tuning
  • Hardware, construciton, and masts
    ...and more!
Price: $34.00

Backyard Antennas


Radio amateurs and short-wave listeners all want to achieve the very best from their HF and VHF equipment. Receivers and transmitters are available to professional standards, but very few people have the real estate to erect the sort of antenna used by a commercial radio station.


Antenna guru Peter Dodd, G3LDO explains how, by using a variety of simple techniques, it is possible to achieve very high performance from a compact antenna. Also detailed is how to make an antenna efficient on several bands at once.

Price: $34.00

Antennas for VHF and Above


Discover what can be achieved on the VHF, UHF and microwave bands!


Antennas for VHF and Above includes all the details you need for understanding and experimenting with antennas. It provides the basic theory and constructional details for many antenna designs: dipoles, Yagis, verticals, log-periodic antennas, and parabolic reflectors. Details covering measurements and installation techniques are included.

Price: $29.00

Easy Solution of Practical Transmission Line Problems


A Calculation Manual for Amateur Radio Operators


Transmission lines are one of the most important aspects of an Amateur Radio station. All operators use them in some form or another, and they all run the risk of performance degradation if not used correctly. The problem is the advanced level of mathematics knowledge required to understand transmission lines is complex.

Price: $29.00

Practical Wire Antennas 2


Based on the hugely popular Practical Wire Antennas by John Heys, G3BDQ this book is significantly expanded and fully revised for the 21st Century. Nearly doubling in size with even more practical, complete and easy to understand designs for a wide range of wire antennas.


Price: $24.00

Practical Wire Antennas


Delves into the practical aspects of HF wire antennas: how the various types work, and how to buy or build one that's right for you. Marconis, Windoms, loops, dipoles and even underground antennas--they're all covered! The final chapter covers matching systems.

Price: $17.00

Simple and Fun Antennas for Hams


by Chuck Hutchinson, K8CH and Dean Straw, N6BV


Lots and lots of real world, practical antennas you can BUILD YOURSELF!

Price: $22.00

Stealth Antennas


Work the world without a beam, tower or linear amplifier!


Permission problems, intolerant neighbors, and apartment restrictions are just some of the personal challenges Amateur Radio operators face when trying to get on the air. Stealth Antennas addresses these problems and provides clear, practical advice on using a suitable antenna. You'll enjoy hints, tips and antenna solutions tailored to help you can get your signal out.

Price: $24.00

Practical Antenna Handbook (McGraw Hill)


The Definitive Antenna Reference—Fully Revised and Expanded!
by Joseph J. Carr and Bud Hippisley, W2RU


Design and build your own antennas with the help of this unique guide. Updated and revised to provide clear answers to questions frequently asked by hobbyists and electronics technicians, Practical Antenna Handbook blends theoretical concepts with hands-on experience—requiring only high school mathematics.

Price: $50.00


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