Easy Solution of Practical Transmission Line Problems


A Calculation Manual for Amateur Radio Operators


Transmission lines are one of the most important aspects of an Amateur Radio station. All operators use them in some form or another, and they all run the risk of performance degradation if not used correctly. The problem is the advanced level of mathematics knowledge required to understand transmission lines is complex.

Easy Solution of Practical Transmission Line Problems is a valuable guide to transmission line issues and solutions. Using simple language, William Cowan, AC0FV, a former electronic design engineer and Amateur Radio operator for more than 60 years, shows you how to find the answers, quickly, easily and accurately. Those who are more technically inclined can work with the equations provided in the book. Those who want the answers without all the math can use a personal computer to get calculations directly. This book contains many solved examples, with each solution followed by a thorough discussion, so you can get answers while you learn about transmission lines.

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