Mouse Code


How the Field Mouse Invented Radio


Come with award-winning newspaper reporter, author and ham radio operator Joel Thurtell as he spins the tale of how mice invented radio to save themselves and their friends the moles, voles, shrews, groundhogs, badgers and yes, even a blue racer, from death by development.

Mouse Code is aimed at entertaining through its unique, exciting story. It offers young people Morse Code as a “secret” language for talking among themselves.

Joel received his first FCC ham radio license in 1959. His call sign, KN8PSV, became K8PSV when he went from Novice to General class in 1960. He now holds the Advanced class license. Thurtell is a member of the American Radio Relay League and has written several articles about vintage radio for ARRL’s journal, QST.

Price: $12.00