2M CW Signal Source


2 meter CW Sources  
2 meter Source - $30
Optional VXO variable cap - $11
Optional beacon sub-band crystals 20.615 (2m), 16.693 (6m) - $10

KK7B has come up with some really slick little 6 and 2 meter CW sources. These little gems put out a very stable, clean 10mw signal.  They are VXO controlled.  The kit comes with a small board mounted trimmer so that you can set the frequency of the  unit, or  you can use an off board variable cap to control the frequency from the front panel of the rig.  A suitable cap is available from Kanga or you can supply your own. Tuning range is about 30 KHz on 6 meter, and over 100 KHz on 2 meters

These units can be used as a signal source for testing, or a small CW rig at home, roving, or mountain-topping.  The small size and low cost make it ideal for experimentation and portable work

If you use the CW Source as a transmitter, you will probably want the optional variable capacitor.  It is a quality panel mounted 5 - 50 pf variable. On six meters it will provide a range of approximately 50.095 - 50.125 MHz, and on 2 m it will provide a range of approximately 144.2 - 144.3 MHz  Click here to see the manufacturer's specs.  It is the APL type capacitor.

The optional Beacon Crystals will provide the following (approximate) ranges:

20.615    144.3 - 144.4 MHz
16.693    50.075 - 50.1 MHz
16.683    50.045 - 50.075 MHz

Tuneup needs no special equipment.  Set the trimmer caps at mid range, find the signal on a receiver or use a power  meter, and tune for max output.


Price: $30.00