W7ZOI Power Meter


W7ZOI AD8307 Power Meter - $55

The Analog version of the W7ZOI AD8307 Power Meter is being re-introduced.  The kit does not include a PC board - it is built Ugly Style on a piece of scrap copperclad board (supplied).

The kit includes all parts including the AD8307 IC, a 100 ua meter, a die-cast aluminum box to build the meter in, and the TAP so that it can be used to measure (with a 50 ohm dummy load you supply) up to 100 watts.  The tap comes with SO-239 UHF connectors.  If you want to use the Tap up to 500 MHz, it is recommended you replace the SO-239 connectors with Type N Connectors.

The meter I built reads down to -75 dbm and up to +20 dbm. The linear part of the scale is from about -70 dbm and up.

To complete this kit, you will need to solder the part together ugly style, drill the holes in the supplied die-cast boxes, mount the components, and supply a 9 volt battery.

Price: $60.00