VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs


Second Edition


Where Radio Meets the Internet!

This second edition of VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs is your complete guide to several of the most widely-used VoIP systems used by hams, with particular attention to EchoLink and the Internet Radio Linking Project, or IRLP. The book is designed for beginners who need information on how to get started, set-up, and use these systems. For the more advanced, it provides plenty of technical “meat” for those who want to dig deeper into VoIP applications and discover how they actually work.

  • Contents:
  • Connecting the World
  • Using a VoIP Link
  • Conference Servers, Reflectors and Nets
  • Other Linking Systems
  • Setting Up Your Own Node
  • Digital Audio and the internet
  • Under the Hood: EchoLink
  • Under the Hood: IRLP
  • NEW: Asterisk and app_rpt
  • NEW: Remote Control Techniques
  • Legal Issues in Linking
  • Web Resources & Glossary

Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD, is the creator of EchoLink and one of the top experts in Amateur Radio Voice Over Internet Protocol. He is a member of the American Radio Relay League.

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