Practical Wire Antennas 2


Based on the hugely popular Practical Wire Antennas by John Heys, G3BDQ this book is significantly expanded and fully revised for the 21st Century. Nearly doubling in size with even more practical, complete and easy to understand designs for a wide range of wire antennas.


Practical Wire Antennas 2 contains just about every type of wire antenna imaginable including plenty of original designs that you simply won't find in other publications. You're sure to find one that is ideal for your own particular set of circumstances. Some will fit small urban gardens and others are best deployed by those lucky enough to have plenty of available space.

Theory is kept to a minimum throughout the book, and only a few formulas are given where they are necessary to allow the reader to calculate the lengths of various antennas. Practical Wire Antennas 2 has chapters covering feed lines, dipoles, antennas with tuned feeders, loop antennas, end-fed wires and verticals. The book also provides a wealth of information and 'know how' on the mechanics of antenna building and includes designs for ATUs for almost every type of antenna.

Price: $24.00