The ARRL Film Collection (DVD)



A History of Ham Radio in the 20th Century


Take a journey back, as ARRL presents a series of videos beginning in the late 1950's through the early 21st century. Using the media that he knows best, noted Hollywood Producer and Director Dave Bell, W6AQ, takes you behind the scenes of each film. From the original "Hams Wide World", which aired as a segment of the Johns Hopkins File 7 in the late 1950's, to the award-winning “Amateur Radio Today”, you will watch the evolution of Amateur Radio unfold before your eyes. For older hams, it's a trip down memory lane and a subtle reminder of how different things were back in the 20th century. For new hams, it’s a glimpse into the earlier days of this fascinating hobby.

  • Includes…
  • The Hams Wide World
  • This is Ham Radio
  • Moving Up to Amateur Radio
  • The World of Amateur Radio
  • Ham Radio Today
  • Original Ham’s Wide World

Narrated and Produced by Dave Bell, W6AQ

Price: $15.00